Don’t want no scrubs? …Oh but you’ll want these

Don’t want no scrubs? …Oh but you’ll want these It started on a scorching Thursday afternoon when I fetched my beauty of a friend @thatstotallyfetch_sa and we headed off to Shepstone Gardens for the L’Oréal launch of their all new sugar scrubs.

I had actually applied the L’Oréal Glow face mask the night before so that my skin was perfect for the day. (I’m a fan, so obviously the sound of their sugar scrubs peaked my interest).

There we were introduced to our New Sugar Addiction: three delicious variants said to treat our skin with its natural 3 sugar properties and essential oils for all our skin needs. These exfoliants were developed for your face and lips to gently but effectively exfoliates any skin type.

Let’s dive into detail shall we?

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Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Cocoa Grains make up this scrub to instantly reveal supple, nourished skin. Best suited to dry skin needing that extra boost of moisture.

This scrub has more of mousse like texture with fine granules.
It smells like a chocolate cake and I want to eat it.
For external use only!



Formulated for skin prone to breakouts and blackheads. Kiwi Seeds, Peppermint, and Lemongrass Essential Oils help to visibly reduce the appearance of blackheads and blemishes while purifying the skin. Unclog those pesky pores with this sweet treat.

This scrub has a jelly like texture with fine granules and small kiwi seeds to assist with exfoliation.
It smells like a fruity cocktail, again, for external use only! 
My nose better prepare itself, I’m going in!



Looking for that boost of radiance, this is the scrub for you. Packed with vitamin E from the Grapeseed Oil, this scrub will instantly brighten your complexion while the Monoi Oil moisturises and prevents dullness. Acai Powder has been added to polish the skins surface to ensure that glow from within appearance.

This scrubs is a bit more granular than the Nourish scrub.
It smells quite citrusy while still keeping a denser richness. almost like orange chocolate.
I know, sounds delicious! I’d recommend you don’t eat it; I guarantee it won’t taste like orange chocolate. (Trust me, I know)


Aside from testing the smell and *taste of each of these scrubs (*I learnt some hard lessons), I realised that winter is around the corner and skin prep and maintenance is so important during the colder months. I can’t wait to shed away the old and make way for my new nourished, radiant, blackhead and blemish free skin.

Recommended Retail Price: R159.95 per scrub.




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