Don’t want no scrubs? …Oh but you’ll want these

Don’t want no scrubs? …Oh but you’ll want these It started on a scorching Thursday afternoon when I fetched my beauty of a friend @thatstotallyfetch_sa and we headed off to Shepstone Gardens for the L’Oréal launch of their all new sugar scrubs.

I had actually applied the L’Oréal Glow face mask the night before so that my skin was perfect for the day. (I’m a fan, so obviously the sound of their sugar scrubs peaked my interest).

There we were introduced to our New Sugar Addiction: three delicious variants said to treat our skin with its natural 3 sugar properties and essential oils for all our skin needs. These exfoliants were developed for your face and lips to gently but effectively exfoliates any skin type.

Let’s dive into detail shall we?

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Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Cocoa Grains make up this scrub to instantly reveal supple, nourished skin. Best suited to dry skin needing that extra boost of moisture.

This scrub has more of mousse like texture with fine granules.
It smells like a chocolate cake and I want to eat it.
For external use only!



Formulated for skin prone to breakouts and blackheads. Kiwi Seeds, Peppermint, and Lemongrass Essential Oils help to visibly reduce the appearance of blackheads and blemishes while purifying the skin. Unclog those pesky pores with this sweet treat.

This scrub has a jelly like texture with fine granules and small kiwi seeds to assist with exfoliation.
It smells like a fruity cocktail, again, for external use only! 
My nose better prepare itself, I’m going in!



Looking for that boost of radiance, this is the scrub for you. Packed with vitamin E from the Grapeseed Oil, this scrub will instantly brighten your complexion while the Monoi Oil moisturises and prevents dullness. Acai Powder has been added to polish the skins surface to ensure that glow from within appearance.

This scrubs is a bit more granular than the Nourish scrub.
It smells quite citrusy while still keeping a denser richness. almost like orange chocolate.
I know, sounds delicious! I’d recommend you don’t eat it; I guarantee it won’t taste like orange chocolate. (Trust me, I know)


Aside from testing the smell and *taste of each of these scrubs (*I learnt some hard lessons), I realised that winter is around the corner and skin prep and maintenance is so important during the colder months. I can’t wait to shed away the old and make way for my new nourished, radiant, blackhead and blemish free skin.

Recommended Retail Price: R159.95 per scrub.




Get High On Your Own Supply

When you go to someone’s home, do you ever sneak a peek inside their bathroom cabinets to see what’s inside? Well, my name is Kayleigh and I’m inquisitive AF. I recently started using Babor ampoules and now have this fear that someone may go through my bathroom cabinet and find these really dodgy looking vials of liquid and think I’m trying my hand at juicing. No, I’m not talking carrots and celery. All you “Shweet Boets” out there know what I mean. (What’s your WOD Bru?)

Have you heard of Babor Ampoules? Allow me to introduce you

Babor is pure German engineering for your skin.

The formula in this range is based on their specially formulated active ingredients tailor-made to suit your individual skincare needs.

You have an issue – They have an ampoule

I was recently introduced to their latest edition of ampoules: The Festival Edition available from 17 May 2018 on

The Festival Edition contains 6 six ampoule treatment ranges which have been coordinated to meet a number of different skincare requirements. The real star of this show being the Hemp Oil and Aloe based ampoule dubbed Chill Out. Why would this one have stood out to me? Haven’t the foggiest, it’s a mystery really. *wink wink

Each box contains 7 x 2ml ampoules, a 1-week treatment.

No, you don’t have to use a box a week (although recommended). Dr Kayoss recommends you do this once a month over 7 days, or a week prior to a special function for that extra boost.

Let’s get into the range shall we? Hmmm… Decisions Decisions



Relaxation and Revitalization

Aloe Vera and Cactus extract for intensive moisture and hydration, and panthenol (that’s not a word you hear every day) to calm your skin. This ampoule contains natural hemp seed oil, rich in omega 6 fatty acids, that will restore the skin’s barrier function which is often compromised by stress. Basically, Calm the Freakin’ Farm!

(7 x 2ml R546.00)



Intensive Moisture and Radiance

Who doesn’t want to Glow Baby Glow?! With a hyaluronic base (my fave) your thirsty skin is sure to drink this moisture right up. This ampoule also contains glow pigments, which with regular use, will have your skin shining like the top of the Chrysler Building.

(7 x 2ml R436.00)



Strengthen and awaken your skin’s barrier with this shot – Vitamin A, E, B5, and Biotin.

My next question, is this ampoule for external use only? (tired for days)

(7 x 2ml R480.00)



Vitality and Protection

Micro-algae extract, Vitamin E, and encapsulated oxygen helps shield your skin from harmful UV rays. So fresh – So Safe! Bring on the ‘I’ve got my shit together’ rosy complexion.

(7 x 2ml R568.00)



Extra Resilience and Activation

Batteries a little low? People noticing your lack of sleep? Yeah, join the club. Concealer, take the bench! Find your balance again with this ampoule. Tired and stressed skin is rebalanced and your natural skin barrier restored while you sleep. Winning

(7 x 2ml R655.00)



Mom, you reading this? (joking, love you)

You mean to tell me you don’t have to stick tiny needles filled with poison into your face to look younger? What a time to be alive. This ampoule improves skin elasticity and tissue firmness giving an instantly smoother appearance. Fine lines be gone.

(Speaking of lines, mom, you’re still there right?)

(7 x 2ml R655.00)


I’ve used the RECHARGE NOW, and CHILL OUT. The scents are stunning, not overpowering at all. Just soft nodes of peaceful and tranquil unicorns sliding over a rainbow into a bed of daisies, drinking from a pool of freshly mulled wine while a Life Day Spa candle burns under a large Oak. Wow, that escalated quickly, what’s in this stuff?

Each box comes with an ampoule opener to help you break the top open and release the goodness. Not only does it make you feel a bit like a scientist, but that ‘SNAP’ sound the glass makes when it’s broken open is so incredibly satisfying.

So, you want a hit?


ONE CART – The Future of Convenience

So you’ve had a bit too many cocktails, or in my case a few Corona’s or G and T’s depending on which personality I’m channelling for the night. You wake up in the morning, still dressed in last night’s outfit, sans one sock, and your makeup smeared across your face because you’re a serial side sleeper who has no scarm face planting a pillow and dribbling in your sweet slumber.

Let’s face it, you’re not feeling lekka and of course the cupboards are bare because #bachelorettelife. What do you do?

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t bare going out and getting a hangover cure in that state. There is always the moment of a hot flush where you know, oh its go time, find a bathroom ASAP.

Well, your answer is here!

One Cart is an online platform that feature shops like Pick ‘n Pay; Woolworths; Dischem; Fit Chef; a store for Pets (can’t forget Leo you know, the King…meow), and more. Anything you need from either of the above in one place, in one cart. Check out, and within 2 hours all delivered straight to your door. Click Click ding dong but BETTER

So, what’s on my list?

Let’s start with Dischem: Rehydrate in Blackcurrant.

Woolies: My ride or die swears by a Cottage Pie (its bland but still filling), and a banana for that boost of potassium.

Pick n Pay: Energade for those electrolytes, and Essential for my poor liver.

Pet Store: Cat food for the king and perhaps a treat for putting him through the trauma of not getting attention which he of course craves so much.

Check Out.

Now, get in the shower Kayleigh, you smell like a brewery! Wash your hair, scrubba dub dub sister. Now to get my pillows from my bed to the couch, rent a movie, put on a Babor ampoule (Recharge Now to be specific) and wait in the comfort of my own home for my delivery.

As it arrives, I rejoice! A calm rejoice, not too much bodily movement. More like a quiet sigh of relief.

The knock at the door sounds like Christmas Morning. Although I may give the delivery guy a bit of a fright at first glance, I’m sure he understands given the contents of my delivery.

Within hours, I’m already feeling better after medicating, rehydrating, and sleep.

Off to the next party shall we, good thing I sneaked a pack of Corona’s in my order so I don’t show up empty handed. Oh no, here we go again!

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